Today we will talk about the main differences between soft and hard rackets, depending on their EVA rubber density and its features. It would be a mistake to say that one rubber type is better than the other one because it depends not only on the feeling you like but also the way you play, your best shots and your physical conditions.

Bellow, you have a chart with the different rubber densities you can find in StarVie 2019 Collection.


Hard rubber rackets will provide you with a better control and more power on your shots.


  • Control: even though its sweet spot is smaller, you will have more control of the ball because this kind of rubber does not change or modify ball’s behaviour. Therefore, you will be able to have a better control of your shots.
  • Power: hard rubber rackets do not absorb ball’s impact so they will increase ball’s speed in power shots such as smashes.

It is interesting to point out that the density of this kind of rubbers is about 50 kg/m³.  2019 StarVie Hard Rubber Rackets are the following:


Soft rubber rackets will provide you with a better ball output, more comfort and less risk to get injured.


  • Ball output: soft rubbers’ main feature is its flexibility. This characteristic gives a better ball output because the rubber spits out the ball when this impacts on it.
  • Ball’s impact absorption: this kind of rubbers has a high elasticity that dampens ball’s impact and its vibrations on the racket and not on our arms. Therefore it helps to prevent an injury commonly known as a tennis elbow.

Soft rubbers have different densities that may vary from 18 to 30 kg/m³. Depending on the density you will experience different feelings while playing. 2019 StarVie Soft Rubber Rackets are the following:

As we mentioned before it is wrong to say soft rubber is better than hard rubber or upside down. There is an ideal rubber density for each player. Therefore, as a player, you will have to find the one that fits the most to the way you play, you feel more comfortable and secure and you can develop your abilities efficiently.

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