Few weeks ago Matías Díaz and Alejandro Galán from StarVie announced that they would join paths on 2018 in the World Padel Tour, although it was a well-known secret on padel circles.

This partnership is a great combination of experience and talent that might achieve great results in the next years if they can match with one another inside the court. Although experts say that they might not be into the best four, we do believe that we have to seriously keep this couple in mind for the forthcoming 2018 WPT season.

Along 2017 we saw other couples with this combination between experience and youth, where we could undoubtedly highlight Stupa and Christian’s season, ending up as a couple number 4 of the WPT. We also have to point out other couples with these characteristics who performed with great success last year such as Ramiro/Maxi, Lebron /Allemandi or Ruiz/Nerone .

Mati Díaz Sangiorgio is currently the number 5 in the WPT and there are not many things to talk about him that you do not already know. He has been in the padel elite for more than 10 years and in the last season he won Open Keler Bilbao, arrived to 5 finals and 9 semi-finals with Maxi Díaz. Besides his results that we all almost know about, we should highlight that he is one of the most competitive, with a strongest mind-set and hard-working player we can find in the whole circuit. And after competing in the top level all these years he is still improving his game.

On the other hand, Ale Galán is pure talent and power. He is different. He has completed one of the highest progressions as a professional last season in the WPT. Ale (21) and Belluati (24) started 2017 as a couple 24 in the WPT and they ended up as a couple number 6, being one of the couples able to play Madrid Master Final (only the best 16 players can play this tournament).

If Mati Díaz can help Ale Galán to get his mentality and experience, we believe they can be one of the nicest surprises for the forthcoming season. Their performance is still a mystery however according to their smiles we believe they are doing very well.

If you want to know a little bit more about their rackets, please click the links bellow:

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