One of the problems we face when we want to buy or change our padel racket is the rubber ’s choice. In this post we will try to unveil the features of every rubber’s type in order to help our readers out.

There are fundamentally 2 different kind of rubber based on its hardness: SOFT or MEDIUM/HARD rubber. The main difference between soft or medium/hard rubbers is their ball output.

We call ball output the bounce the ball does when it hits the racket without making any effort. In soft rackets this bounce is bigger due to its elasticity, rubber absorbs ball’s impact and when it recovers its initial position it throws the ball further. Therefore we can shoot the ball with less effort and it also helps to avoid elbow injuries such as epicondylitis. However we can lose some control in our shots. Soft rackets provide more comfortableness and we feel it is easier to use.

On the other hand, medium/hard rackets have higher stiffness which means we will have to transfer all our body’s and arm’s weight to speed the ball up. In this case we will gain control and precision in our shots nonetheless we will have to make more physical efforts on them.

StarVie Soft Rubber Rackets (click on the pic for more info):

R 9.2 Carbon Aluminium Soft
Brava Soft
Polaris Soft
Aquila Soft
Titania Soft


As we explained above, medium rackets have no ball absorption. Therefore, our shots will be more powerful because the rubber does not cushion ball’s impact. Thus, if we hit a ball at the same speed and force with a medium racket or a soft racket, the result will be a more powerful shot with the medium one.

StarVie Medium Rubber Rackets (click on the pic for more info):


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