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Black Crown Piton Nakano 15k

PITON NAKANO 15k is the racket of choice of Marta Marrero, former number 1 in the World Padel Tour and serious contender to recover it this season.

PITON NAKANO 15k is a round shape racket but with one major difference, its handle is 1 cm longer and this feature helps Marta Marrero to strike her classical two-handed backhand. Its round shape provides a wide and centred sweet spot that helps to get a better control.

PITON NAKANO 15k core is made of Super Soft EVA rubber that together plus the 15k carbon fibre layer located on the surface makes this racket very aggressive. 15k carbon fibre is a very hard material that combined with Super Soft EVA rubber bring together the best features of each one, the power of the 15k carbon fibre and the ball output of the Super Soft EVA rubber. It is also worth mentioning that Super Soft EVA rubber provides a very soft feeling that it also shines on defensive situations.

PITON NAKANO 15k frame is a double tubular 80% made of carbon that provides strength and durability.

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Double tubular: 80% carbon fibre

Racquet’s plane

15k Carbon Fibre


SC White EVA



Sweet spot



38 mm


From 355 gr to 370 gr



Rough area on racquet's plane


Technologies and features:

  • 15k Carbon fibre: this is a very hard material that provides power to our shots and durability and strength to the racket.
  • Double tubular in the frame 80% made of carbon fibre.
  • SC White EVA: this is an extra soft rubber that provides comfort and an excellent ball output.
  • 2TB AIR is a technology where the double tubular is filled by air inside and it provides some extra power on powerful shots.
  • Handle 1 cm longer that helps players to hit two-handed backhand as well as it provides a better aerodynamic in shots like smash, “bandeja” and “víbora”.
  • Weight: from 355 gr to 370 gr.


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