Black Crown and UI Sports are thrilled to announce the addition of Mizuki Takita to our team. Mizuki has been one of the pioneers in turning padel into a profession in Japan, and her extensive experience in the industry has made her an excellent asset to the team.

Like many Japanese players involved in padel, Mizuki started playing tennis at the age of 14. She soon realised that sport was her passion and became a tennis coach, which she worked in for six years. It was not until she was 25 years old that she was introduced to padel by a tennis friend at the first facility in the Kanto area, Padel One Tokorozawa. At first, Mizuki found it challenging to understand the walls, but she soon became determined to learn more about the sport. Her competitive spirit was awakened, and from then on, she never looked back.

“I dream of padel becoming a major sport in Japan,” said Mizuki Takita. “I love padel and would like to contribute to its growth in all its forms: as a player, as a coach, and as a manager. As a player, I would like to help the National team win this year’s Asian Cup. It’s also essential to prepare for the 2024 World Championship. I aim to win the games

I play in and help the National team reach the top-10 ranking in the world. As a manager, my goal is to coach the next generation of Japanese players.”

As a coach, Mizuki is committed to her students, and her energy and dedication make her lessons highly appealing. She has introduced padel to hundreds of people, making her one of the most outstanding ambassadors for the sport in Japan. In addition, Mizuki is the manager at Padel Tokyo, one of the most popular and demanding padel facilities in Japan, where she organizes several events a month, runs the school, and provides extraordinary hospitality to their guests. Finally, as a player, she is one of the most solid players in the Japanese Padel Tour, rarely making any mistakes during the game.

Mizuki‘s exceptional skills and experience have made her one of the best assets for some of the most prominent padel companies in Japan. She is currently the manager of Padel Tokyo, which is owned by Padel Asia, the largest padel consultancy agency in Japan. She is also part of Nexus, the leading padel coaching company in the country. Furthermore, she has been in the top-10 of the Japanese ranking system since its inception and has been part of the Japanese National Team since they started competing internationally.

“I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the Black Crown and UI Sports team! It’s a family-like team that will support all of my padel activities and help me reach my goals. I couldn’t be happier and more excited about this opportunity.”

In conclusion, Mizuki Takita is one of the most complete professionals in the padel industry in Japan in all its forms. Black Crown Team and UI Sports are proud to welcome her to our team and hope to have her on board for many years to come.

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