Footgel padel insole is a product designed for all kind of padel players, from amateurs to pro padel players because it has a long list of advantages; it has been largely tested by different institutions and labs and it has obtained different certifications rewarding its proficiency.


1. First and foremost, Footgel padel insole was designed to prevent and avoid injuries. Padel is a sport that players are constantly changing directions, moving back and forth and from right to left; are jumping to hit their bandejas, viboras, smashes and volleys; and are making speed changes.

This kind of movements cause stress to our joints that may end up with different injuries such as Achilles tendon rupture, calf muscle tear, ankle sprain and serious knee problems.

Our insoles reduce foot impacts by 30.9%, foot strike by 4.3% and foot take-off by 20.0%. That reduces pressure on our joints and related muscles and tendons preventing players from injuries and keeping them away from physical wear.

2. This insole is fully breathable. With its air channels technology, air flows through the insole keeping our feet dry from sweat. This helps to feel more comfortable while playing and keeps players from having chafing.

3. Finally, it has a long-lasting eucalyptus essence that prevents our shoes and insoles from bad smell.


1. It is an anti-slip insole

2. It is environmentally friendly

3. It is machine washable without deformation or lose of its features.


  • First layer is made of a technical fabric that dries very quick and is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. It provides a feeling of well-being and comfort.
  • Second layer is made of a technical foam with active carbon that removes bad smells and is 100% breathable.
  • Third layer is made of gel. In this layer is where its maximum impacts attenuation takes place. After several studies and tests, it has been concluded that in order to protect padel players from injuries related to feet impacts the design of this gel is thicker on the heel (12 mm) than the toe (5 mm). Additionally, this gel also allows air flow to keep our feet dry.

Footgel padel insoles are certified by different institutions and organisations that recognise this product for its high standards:

European Health Product Certification: received it through the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Health Products of the Spanish Government. This agency (AEMPS) is in charge of the public intervention regarding to these kinds of products. Its mission is to ensure that medicines, health products, cosmetics and personal care products are suitable for human consumption.

European Vegetarian Union V-label: The V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services. For consumers, it is a simple and reliable guide to help them when they are shopping. With the V-Label, companies promote transparency and clarity.

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