The 24-years-old padel player and coach Yuta Ichikawa joins Black Crown and UI Sports team and becomes the second player to sign for the brand of the crown in Japan. He is also the first ever Nexus Sports Division employee that becomes a team member of Black Crown and UI Sports.

Nexus Sports Division is one of padel leading companies in Japan that provides qualified padel coaches to different clubs mainly in kanto area.

Yuta is a talented and skilled padel player but is overall a committed and dedicated padel coach.

Black Crown is a brand with a short history here in Japan but with a long journey behind it. I would like to help them to grow together in this new adventure. Its slogan, #masterthegame, defines my own vision because this is what I try to do every time I get on court with my students”

Ichikawa-kun, with a strong tennis background, met padel 4 years ago at the age of 20 when he was a tennis coach in a part time job. Since then, padel has become his first professional activity.

Yuta’s main goal career is to keep progressing to become and to be recognized as one of the best padel coaches in Japan. Ichikawa-kun is not only focused on those players who start playing padel, he is also concentrated on making improve those players who look for results in the Japanese ranking.

As for Black Crown and UI Sports, we were looking for someone like Ichikawa-kun. Someone with a great attitude and positiveness who is helping other people to improve their game. It is also worth mentioning that Black Crown has its own academy and helping others to master their game is part of our DNA.


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