Shinga is a 21-years-old student of the Tokyo University of Science. He studies Business Economics which is a degree where students acquire analytical and data analysis skills to help companies and institutions to make correct decisions based on mathematical thinking. Shinga is currently studying the last course of his degree.

Shinga is very well-known in padel circles for being a very active member of the university padel community. He has recently been very involved in growing the number of people who play padel in the country, specially at the university circles.

“I am very happy to become a StarVie ambassador. I met StarVie when I bought my second racket and since then it has become my favourite brand. Therefore, I am very happy to become an ambassador of a brand that I adore. I am also very happy that UI Sports helps and supports university students’ activities and help us to expand padel throughout this community”

UI Sports has always been very willing to support members who help the growth of padel in Japan. Two years ago, we welcomed Gaku Watanabe to the team and this year we are very happy to introduce you Shinga Harada as a new member of our family.

Shinga will be in charge of the relationship between the university padel community and UI Sports and we will try to help him to introduce our beloved sport to new members with everything he needs.


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