Let’s have a deeper look at one of the features players should take into account before purchasing a padel racquet. One of these characteristics is the ball output and today we will see the differences inside the StarVie 2020 collection.

Materials, set-ups, moulds, wrinkled areas on the surface, technologies applied and rubbers are features that provide different characteristics in the game such as power, control or ball output.


Ball out is the rebound the racquet provides when ball hits its surface without applying any force.

This feature is mainly provided by the racquet’s rubber even though materials located on the surface can also have influence in it. The main feature of soft rubbers is its flexibility and this flexibility gives a bigger rebound when we impact the ball with our racquet.


Generally, racquets with a great ball output adapt better in defensive situations. These sorts of racquets are perfect to play in the back part of the court because we are able to move effortlessly the ball to the other side of the court.

Nevertheless, although a racquet has a great ball output it does not necessary mean that it loses other racquet features. You can find different racquets in our StarVie 2020 collection with a great ball output that also have an astonishing balance between control and power.

In the picture above we can overview the racquets that have a great ball output such as Metheora Warrior, thanks to its soft rubber; or Titania Moon because of its fibre glass located on its surface. While racquets like Triton PRO or Aquila PRO lose some ball output however these racquets highlight other features like power and control.

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