Choosing the racquet that best suits on you it is not an easy task. In this post we will try to figure out the racquets that provide a better control in the StarVie 2020 collection.

Control mainly depends on the shape, the rubber and the surface materials a racquet is made of.


Round shape racquets tend to have a better control than tear or diamond racquets. Their sweet spot is bigger and it is located in the centre of the face. Therefore players have a bigger area to hit the ball, providing a better comfort on the execution of their shots.


Another factor that contributes to have a better control is the rubber. The harder the rubber is the more control it provides. This is because the rebound effect is smaller and it does not absorb the power that the ball comes with. Therefore we have more control and power with this kind of rubbers.


Finally, the materials used on the surface are the third factor that we have to take into account to judge if a racquet provides more or less control. As it happens with the rubber the higher the stiffness is the more control a racquet provides. In StarVie racquets we use different fibres for our racquets surfaces. Fibre glass, carbon fibre, basalt fibre or aluminium fibre are some of the materials we use in the production of our racquets. Each and every one provides a different stiffness

It is also worth mentioning the number of fibre layers every model has. Every racquet has a different configuration that might change its stiffness and thus the control.

Triton PRO provides the maximum control in StarVie 2020 collection due to its rubber and its wrinkled area on the surface. Also Aquila PRO has an excellent control because of the stiffness of its face. Right after these two racquets we find Metheora Warrior and Raptor PRO. Two round racquets that also come with wrinkled areas on their surface.

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