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StarVie Basalto

STARVIE BASALTO is a padel racket designed for skilled and advanced players who look for a high performance and comfortable shoots. It has a great balance between power & control and defence & attack however we should highlight its amazing power due to its ball output.

STARVIE BASALTO introduces a new technology called S2 that it provides a better performance in high temperatures and ball impacts.

It has an unbelievable behaviour in shots such us “víboras”, “bandejas” or wall outputs and is excellent in defensive situations on the back part of the court. This is a very aggressive racket in offensive situations when you impact the ball on your height shoulder or over it.

It also astonishes its performance in smashes. Its face compound gives an extra power to definitely end the point to your side.

STARVIE BASALTO provides an amazing touch of the ball so it is easy to virtually control it in all court situations. However, the player must have a good technique to do it effectively on the volley next to the net due to its ball output.

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Weight 650 g
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Sort of player

Attack and defence

Sort of play

Control and power



Racquet’s plane

Carbon fibre combined with basalt


Soft EVA rubber



Sweet spot



38 mm


From 350 gr to 385 gr



Rough area on racquet's plane


Technologies and features:

  • Carbon Basalt: it is a compound in the racquet’s plane that combined with carbon protects and provides a better control without losing power.
  • S-2 fibre: it is the last glass fibre technology in the market that provides a better resistance and performance available nowadays. Produced with higher levels of silicon than standard fibre glass products, S-2 offers better physical properties in front of high temperatures and ball impacts.
  • Full carbon frame: it is lighter and it provides a better durability.
  • Premium core: it is a piece located at the throat of the racquet which delivers a better balance towards the handle, makes the racquet more aerodynamic and improves weight’s distribution; therefore it increases its ease to use.
  • Soft EVA Rubber: it delivers a better ball output. Ideal on defensive situations and offensive shots such as “bandeja” or “víbora”.
  • Reinforcement Torsion System: heart’s throat of the racquet designed to absorb vibrations from the head.
  • Full plane effect: wrinkled area on the face that increases precision and ball spin.
  • Hollow system: perforation system based on its circular distribution. It avoids fibre cracks and provides a better control.


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