StarVie Kraken

  • Kraken is a tear-shape model with a heavy head balance and is a racket designed for technical players.
  • It stands out among the others due to its 26 mm profile that makes the racket more aerodynamic and therefore more manageable.
  • Kraken series handle is 0.5 cm longer than the other models. This feature makes the two-handed backhand grip more comfortable.
  • This racket includes Extra Sweet Spot technology, this is applied in the tubular and makes its sweet spot wider.
  • It also comes with Tubular Bicarbon technology which is a carbon reinforcement on the frame to make the racket more durable.
  • Stiffness + is another feature that Kraken series includes in its technologies. It provides an extraordinary stiffness on the surface that helps to be more precise, specially on volleys.
  • Includes a gym sack.

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Weight 650 g
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Racquet’s plane

Carbon fibre





Sweet spot

Upper part


26 mm


From 350 gr to 385 gr


2021, 2022

Rough area on racquet's plane


Technologies and features:

  • Carbon fibre: racket made 100% by carbon fibre on its surface as well as its frame. This material provides durability and strength to the racket.
  • Tubular bicarbon: double tube made of carbon in its frame that it gives bigger rigidity and resistance as well as it improves its balance.
  • SOFT 30 is the nomenclature that points out EVA rubber’s density. In this case it is a soft.
  • New mould with a 26 mm profile that provides an excellent manageability due to its aerodynamics.
  • Handle 0.5 cm longer that helps players to hit two-handed backhand as well as it provides a better aerodynamic in shots like smash, “bandeja” and “víbora”.
  • Extra sweet spot: this is a technology applied to the frame that it produces a bigger optimal hit place and it provides a better control over any stroke.
  • Stiffness +: this is a carbon fibre reinforcement applied in the structure that produces a bigger ball bounce. In addition, it helps to gain precision in every stroke.


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