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StarVie Raptor PRO

STARVIE RAPTOR PRO is the racket designed by and made for Franco Stupaczuk, current number 9 in the World Padel Tour but who is destined to fight for the first position in the World Padel Tour ranking.

Franco Stupaczuk has been leading the process to develop the racket he is using and after several months of experimentation they arrived to this result. STARVIE RAPTOR PRO is the racket that fulfils Franco Stupaczuk needs; obviously it is a very aggressive racket but with a lot of control due to its shape. It is also very comfortable on the back side of the court because of its rubber and it has a tremendous control when blocking fast shots in the middle of the court.

STARVIE RAPTOR PRO introduces a new technology called Extreme Spot. This technology in the frame makes bigger the sweet spot on the face increasing the feeling of control.

STARVIE RAPTOR PRO is built around an EVA rubber between Soft and Medium. It is harder than soft but it is not extremely hard. Other StarVie models such as Aquila Pro, Titania Pro or Polaris Pro use tougher rubbers than STARVIE RAPTOR PRO. This feature provides a better feeling of the ball, increasing the feeling of comfort and it also helps out on defensive situations.

STARVIE RAPTOR PRO skeleton is made by carbon but it incorporates a double layer of this material on its face plus a tougher layer of fibre glass providing more power on smashes and more control on volleys, helping Franco Stupaczuk to play his usual aggressive padel.

STARVIE RAPTOR PRO also brings the S2 technology introduced by StarVie on 2019. This technology provides a better performance in high temperatures and ball impacts, keeping its performance throughout the years at the same time that it gives a better feeling of the ball.

Finally, STARVIE RAPTOR PRO comes with Franco Stupaczuk logo and signature in a gorgeous design.

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Racquet’s plane

Double Layer of Carbon Fibre


EVA Rubber Medium Density



Sweet spot



38 mm


From 350 gr to 385 gr



Rough area on racquet's plane


Raptor PRO technologies and features:

  • Double Carbon layer face system: these 2 carbon layers make the racket tougher on its plane providing more power and control on your shots.
  • Raptor Core: this piece is located in the padel racket’s throat and optimizes the balance of the padel racket. Additionally it gives a better rigidity in the area which it helps to reduce vibrations.
  • S-2 fibre: it is the last glass fibre technology in the market that provides a better resistance and performance available nowadays. Produced with higher levels of silicon than standard fibre glass products, S-2 offers better physical properties in front of high temperatures and ball impacts.
  • Full carbon frame: it is lighter and it increases its durability.
  • Full plane effect: wrinkled area on the face that increases precision, control and ball spin. StarVie is the only brand that it works this wrinkled area directly from the mould.
  • EVA Rubber Medium Density: it provides a mix of feelings between soft and hard rubbers.
  • Extreme Spot: it is a new technology in the frame that it makes the sweet spot bigger.
  • Reinforcement Torsion System: heart’s throat of the racquet designed to absorb vibrations from the head.


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