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StarVie Dronos Galaxy

STARVIE DRONOS GALAXY is the perfect racket for those players who want to keep up improving and evolving their play.

STARVIE DRONOS GALAXY’s main feature is its frame made by aluminium and carbon fibre. This composition provides resistance and durability as well as it gives more rigidity to the structure. This rigidity makes the sweet spot bigger and at the same time increases its control.

STARVIE DRONOS GALAXY has an outstanding performance in shots such us smashes, “bandejas”, “víboras” and wall outputs, great behaviour in defending situations and provides lots of comfort to the player thanks to its tear shape, soft EVA rubber and materials.

In conclusion, STARVIE DRONOS GALAXY is a very versatile racket, designed for those players who play in all areas on the court and look for an extra power on their smashes.

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Weight 650 g
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Sort of player

Attack and defence

Sort of play

Control and power


Carbon and Aluminium

Racquet’s plane

Carbon fibre





Sweet spot

Upper part


38 mm


From 350 gr to 385 gr



Rough area on racquet's plane


Dronos Galaxy technologies and features:

  • Carbon fibre: racket made 100% by carbon fibre on its surface as well as its frame. This material provides durability and strength to the racket.
  • Aluminium tubular system: aluminium reinforcement applied in the throat that provides more rigidity in this area, offering more firmness in the strokes. Additionally, it offers an excellent resistance to material’s stress.
  • SOFT 30 is the nomenclature that points out EVA rubber’s density. In this case it is a soft rubber density that adapts to any kind of player and is designed for a generic play.
  • Full plane effect: rough area on the racket’s surface that increases precision, control and ball spin. StarVie is the only brand that it works this rough area directly from the mould.
  • Star Balance Core: it is a piece located in the throat of the racket that provides a better balance, makes the racket more aerodynamic and improves weight’s distribution; therefore, it increases its ease to use.
  • Five Sides Tech: 5 sides design on the frame that provides more rigidity to the structure and a better aerodynamics to the racket.
  • Chameleonic paint: new paint on racket’s throat that changes colour depending on the Sun light.


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