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Black Crown Piton 9.0 Soft

PITON 9.0 SOFT is Eli Amatriain’s racket of choice for 2021 in the World Padel Tour. It is a round shape racket with head light balance that helps players to manoeuvre it.

PITON 9.0 SOFT is designed for players who look for ball output. This feature is provided by its new Power Soft Memory EVA Rubber and with it, players will be able to speed up “bandejas” and “víboras”. This rubber also out stands in defensive situations, making it easy to return the ball to the other side of the court.

PITON 9.0 SOFT’s surface comes with 3k Aluminium, a material that helps to expand the racket’s sweet spot but with a softer touch.

In conclusion, PITON 9.0 SOFT is a very comfortable racket and very easy to use that adapts to any kind of player and has an excellent performance in all game situations.

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  • 361 - 370
  • 350 - 360
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Weight 650 g
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Sort of player

Attack and defence

Sort of play

Control and power


Double tubular: 80% carbon fibre

Racquet’s plane

Aluminium 3K


Power Soft Memory White EVA



Sweet spot



38 mm


From 355 gr to 370 gr



Rough area on racquet's plane


Technologies and features:

  • 3k Aluminium: This material provides rigidity on the surface, expanding racket’s sweet spot
  • Low Density Piton Glass: This is a special fibre glass that adds flexibility on the surface and makes the racket more comfortable.
  • Double tubular in the frame 80% made of carbon fibre.
  • Power Soft Memory White EVA is the nomenclature that points out EVA rubber’s density. In this case it is a soft rubber density that provides comfort and an excellent ball output.
  • 2TB AIR is a technology where the double tubular is filled by air inside and it provides some extra power on powerful shots.
  • Weight: from 355 gr to 370 gr.


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